Friday, August 15, 2014

As I was saying…


Wait, I don’t remember what I was saying. All I know is, a long time and 40,000 texts and emails saying “why don’t you blog anymore” later, here I am again. And a whole lot of life has happened in the intermission, my friends. I’m not even going to say I’m sorry ‘cause it’s really lame and y’all are tired of hearing it, so let’s just jump right into a quick recap, shall we?

Most of you probably know about my dad’s health issues of the last year or so…chronic, worsening neck and shoulder pain that eventually led to losing the use of his arms, all while trying to diagnose the root problem. An MRI finally showed a tumor at the base of his neck, which was quickly removed, tested, and proved malignant. The mass had eaten away at two of the vertebrae in his neck which explained the pain and strength loss (funny, I know. I mean, a broken neck, what’s the big deal? I kid.) In the middle of figuring out treatment options and recovering from surgery, we were and are so thankful for God’s timing and grace… the doctor who performed surgery said that had he waited 3 weeks longer, quadriplegia would have set in.  God’s grace has been all over us through the past several months of radiation treatments (finished now!) and recovery…he’s regained the use of his arms and is steadily gaining back his overall strength. I don’t even know how to start saying thank you to all of you amazing people who let God bless us through your prayers, gifts, visits, encouraging words, and everything else….God bless each of you for your love and generosity! We are so thankful for each of you and feel privileged to call you friends. We continue to trust God for complete healing and thank him for his mercy thus far!

Around and through and between all of that….life happens! We’ve divided our time between home and travel this year…prison ministry in Alabama and South Carolina, random quick stops in Tennessee, Texas, Georgia, and Kentucky, homeschool conference in Texas, concerts and a friend’s wedding in Arkansas. Lord willing, we hit the road next month headed for the big beautiful state of Wyoming…I can’t wait to experience it for the first time! At home, in between work and church and local gigs and marrying off our cousin (whom I miss like crazy…love you Hannah!!!), we’ve been blessed with friends coming to visit from all over…Arkansas, Wisconsin, Texas, Tennessee, Florida, even Hawaii. So many fun memories…thanks to all of you for stopping by!

And now, the place where I ought to wrap up with a promise to blog faithfully from now on. Only, I’m kinda scared to do so ‘cause I might not do it and then it would be a lie and have you read the Ninth Commandment? So how about this instead: “I promise to attempt to try to succeed in getting blog posts published oftener than twice a year, considering the fact that I am the person who started this blog in the first place and that it’s really lame to tell people who ask, yeah, we have a blog…knowing that when they visit it they’ll be transported back in time to the hazy history of our family  instead of reading current events like they do on normal other people’s blogs.” I try, people, I really try. Bless my heart! So that we don’t end on this pathetic note, I give you random photos from a recent just-before-a-concert sibling shoot…




Monday, January 20, 2014


 Here are a few {quick} pics of life... last fall. Yes, we are a fail at blogging lately. My sincerest apologies!

 Seth next to a BIG truck at a fall fest we played at. 

 The Annual Wilson Family Fall Photo Shoot :)


 Campfires are a must!
The boys' camping/hunting trip last fall in the Homochito Forest. They had a blast, other than the mosquitos ;)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Eternal Hunt

A few years ago our church came up with the idea to host an annual event called "Eternal Hunt"... a one day shebang involving  skeet shooting, rifle range, slingshot competitions, yummy food, etc... all in a setting of Christian fellowship and involving a  challenging/inspiring devotion brought by one of the men. It's been a lot of fun... here are the pictures from this year's event!

Luke, showing us all how it's done.

Jacob, demonstrating "superior slingshot skills".

Dad, keeping score. (Yes, we kept score.
None of us have a problem with being competitive lol!)

Lana, demonstrating "how not to use a slingshot". (No picture of this, but when I
released that thing my hand... of it's own accord...
came up and whacked me in the face. Don't do as I do, y'all.)

Dad, demolishing the target.

Seth, the cutest little Robin Hood ever.

Jonah, the archer

Jacob, demonstrating "superior archery skills"
Luke and Don, collecting arrows

Levi, the wounded, shooting for half score with a crossbow.
(I, lover of justice, was for giving him full score since his hand was lame (even though the
cross bow has all kinds of advantages over the bow) but the guys, lovers of
firece brotherly competition, voted me down. Ahem.)

Dad, the crossbow champion

Uncle Chuck, aka everyone's favorite person
(at least while he's behind that grill!)

Jonah, slingin' skeet for the other shooters

Jonah, taking his turn at skeet shooting

Random people, watching the competition

Luke, running the skeet slinger

Seth, watching the action

Daniel, also watching the action

St. Luke, demonstrating (again) "how to load a shotgun" for Lana
Seth, the sharpshooter
Jonah, calmly shooting and hitting what he intended to
( I know, I don't understand it either)

Lana, shooting the breeze... literally

Thanks for reading! Also a big thank you to all the guys who made everything tick...namely, my dad and four brothers, Uncle Chuck, Derek, Don, Corey, Jody.....y'all did a great job! Hannah, thanks for keeping score on the skeet shooting... I can see I'll have to raise my bribe next year. :)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Of Haycorns and Unexpected Encounters

I seem to be carving out a niche for myself as a snake blogger these days. How charming. Once again, my dear brothers are wanting me to post pictures of their latest trophy… so here they are, along with my (only slightly edited) journal entry from that afternoon. (I’d already written the story once, and so figured it might as well do for both. If y’all don’t mind.) Enjoy…

From my journal…October 13, 2013
So, this lovely Sunday afternoon I set off for the woods on a haycorn-collecting adventure. (Note: I know the correct name is ‘acorn’. However, Winnie the Pooh has always called them ‘haycorns’ and since I believe he would really know best on the subject, and since I find the word ‘haycorn’ hilariously adorable, so I shall call them too. Humor me.) Anyways, I wanted some haycorns to use for a ridiculously adorable Fall decorating idea I found recently, and so I convinced Luke to accompany me. (Note #2: Luke is a pretty fabulous brother, in case anyone was looking for fabulous-brother-examples or anything. Of course, ALL of my brothers are awesome, but this story is about Luke. Just to clarify.)Anyway, we went off to look for haycorns. Where was I going with this? Well, we went down to a little hollow in the woods below the pond and started picking up haycorns by ones and twos and threes (I had imagined we would scoop them up off the ground with my basket, as one would draw water from a stream, but I was disappointed. Apparently it has not been a bumper year for haycorns.) The mosquitoes in the woods near said pond were both ubiquitous and malicious, and I began to hear myself complaining (forgetting that I was the reason we were out there in the first place, I suppose.) Hearing my complaints, Luke, ignoring the fact that I was the reason we were out there in the first place, kindly led the way across the field to another haycorn-producing plot of woods, where we proceeded to fill (the bottom of) my basket and talk about various subjects of interest. After awhile, we were headed back in the general direction of home when Luke suddenly stopped still. (Being a mere step behind him, I stopped still too – with my chin in his shoulder blade.) “Turn around”, said Luke calmly, just as I looked over his shoulder and beheld one of those cursed-by-God, devilish creatures known as snakes – a Copperhead, in this instance. I was “turned around” and walking rapidly away before you could blink, only in my excitement I walked into a tree. Once Luke had led me around it, I hitched up my skirt and my basket of haycorns and ran like fury flew gracefully back to a little clearing where I felt safer. And there I stood, holding my precious haycorns, praying that God would send the snake a heart attack (I honestly prayed that) and watching as Luke located a big stick. I ascertained that he meant to kill the snake with the stick. I informed him that I wasn’t sure what to do if the snake bit him during the battle. He cheerfully told me to cut off circulation above the wound, and commenced the killing. I turned around (still hugging my basket of haycorns) and moaned for a while, praying that God would not let Luke get bit by a snake while on a haycorn-expedition of my planning. God answered said prayer, and Luke presently informed me that the snake was dead, but still thrashing, and didn’t I want to come see it? (I didn’t.) Whereupon I thought we should go home, but Luke pulled out his cellphone and took pictures of his “trophy”. Then he called the house and asked Levi (our aspiring taxidermist) if he wanted a three-foot Copperhead to mount. He did, so we proceeded to the edge of the woods (Luke carrying the snake on a stick, me prancing 20 feet ahead and telling him not to come any closer) to wait for Levi to come pick us (me, Luke, snake, and haycorns) up in the truck. Only, Levi had gotten the wrong impression as to where exactly on the 350-acre place we were and went the wrong way, driving around for a time whilst we stood there, Luke guarding snake, me holding haycorns, listening to the truck ambling through the woods in the distance and wondering why Levi hadn’t brought a phone. Finally, seeing the truck down on the road, we walked halfway, flagged him down, piled in the truck, and drove back to where we had left the snake. I remained in the truck with my haycorns while the boys put the snake (now dead, stiff, and stinky) in the back, and we headed home. And all the other guys came out to see the trophy, and I gathered up my basket of haycorns and brought them inside to decorate with and we all (except the snake) lived happily ever after. The end.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

(This post was not written by my own volition.)

Hello, this is Lana speaking. On the last morning of our stay in Kansas, a certain brother of mine (incriminating photo at the end of this post) walked out the door and discovered 
the following:

Whereupon said brother immediately obtained (my) camera and took pictures.

Which you may look at if you are so inclined.

If you are not so inclined, (like me) why are you reading this?

If you are asking, Why are YOU posting this?... it's because the brother in question particularly wanted me to.

And since, (when he's not messing around with one of the most venomous snakes in North America*), he's a really nice brother, I didn't want to say no.

But be it known, I hate snakes.I'm not a theologian, but in my opinion, when God places a curse on something we would all do well to stay FAR AWAY from said thing.

Far away.
Much farther than this:

And definitely farther than this.

But, *some people* don't share the opinion.
Like him. 

And yes, the snake was killed after the photo shoot was over.
(Or so I am informed. I was not around, being of the opinion expressed earlier.)

To everyone who shares my opinion, I apologize for this post.
To everyone who shares his, What's wrong with you?

Just kidding. Hopefully all the snake-aficionados have enjoyed the pictures.

*At least, that's what I was told. I didn't bother to check the facts, mainly because I don't enjoy Googling tantalizing photographs of snakes. Never mind that I'm blogging them.

Kansas In Pictures (Part Two)

Here we are with more photos from Kansas!

 Due to Levi's hand injury, we were minus a bass player for the weekend... except for Sunday morning, when our friend Nate Miller graciously stepped in to fill his place. We are so grateful to him for sharing his talent with us!!

And there you have it! Thanks to the Millers and Yoders for making our stay fantastic!