Wednesday, April 10, 2013


So I'm not too good at this blogging-fairly-often thing.... my apologies. :) Here are some random pieces of our very blessed and somewhat crazy life these days!
 We were thrilled to have some great friends stop by for a quick visit! Here is Lana and Sarah working in the kitchen. Rolls, anyone?
 Smile, ya'll!

 While they were here we did an all-girls photo shoot together (because the guys weren't going to put on dress clothes and go sit in the field in the middle of their busy day, thank you very much!) :) We loved the results! Just thought I'd share! ;)
 We were thankful to get the garden planted with help from afore mentioned friends.... thanks again, ya'll! Anyone reading this is WELCOME to come help us pick all this around, oh, the middle of June. It shouldn't be more than 102 degrees, we promise. :) Seriously, I love growing our own oh-so-yummy vegetables... thankful for lots of manpower and space to do it!!
 Luke spreading fertilizer.

 Levi, Luke, and Jacob spreading fertilizer. I know, my photo captions have a flair for the obvious.

 Life-long friends and partners in crime, Allie and Lindsay. :) Did someone say frolic? :)
levi showing us how it's done.
 The Original Redneck Recliner. Gotta love it!
Another girl pic.

Check out the link I listed above... these people are serious musicians as well as good friends! I know ya'll will love their music. Thanks for reading!!!