Friday, August 21, 2015

A very quick update.

To those of you who have shown our family the love of God through your prayers, encouragement, and gifts during this time, we cannot say a thank you big enough to even begin to express our gratitude. We are amazed, humbled, and so very thankful for you!!!

The surgery to repair Daddy’s arm went as planned and he is recovering well from it. There are many unknowns right now, but what we do know is that some form of multiple myeloma is responsible for the bone lesions. The two main concerns now are:

1. Structure, preventing any further injury to compromised bones.
2. Cancer, identifying and treating it.

The Lord has opened doors and directed decisions this week in a way that reassures all of us that He is HERE, in the storm!  Thank you for continuing to pray with us as we find out what’s next.

~Allie, for the Wilsons

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Prayers needed.

As many of you already know, Dad has been having some pain in his knee and shoulder for awhile. Then about 3 weeks ago, they found several lesions on his leg and shoulder, and have been trying to determine exactly what they are. They said it was definitely something that attacks bone, But none of the tests have been telling for sure what it is. Then on Monday afternoon he was working and was going to throw something, when he did though, it broke the bone in his right upper arm that was weakened from the lesion. It actually twisted the bone in half so it will have to be operated on to reset it.     So all that said, surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 6 am. Your prayers will be greatly appreciated and needed! And thank you to all that have been praying for us! 

PS. Please excuse the poor punctuation and general mayhem I have probably made of this post, for writing has always been my most hated subject and still is! :)) 
Jacob, for the Wilsons