Thursday, August 23, 2012

Of birthdays and remodels

August 22nd was Mom's (Denise's) birthday! We had fun giving her gifts and celebrating around the supper table as a family last night.
 Happy birthday from all of us, Mama! :) Thanks for being the best! Proverbs 31:28

Speaking of supper tables, most of you know we have been in the throes of a DIY remodel project for a couple years now. :) We started by adding a bedroom for the guys (Dad calls it the Bull Pen), a laundry room, bathroom, and carport.     More recently we've been working on a new dining area off the back wall of the existing kitchen... the idea being to create more space for family meals as well as for entertaining lots of guests (one of our favorite things to do!) So yesterday the guys knocked out the wall between the old and new rooms and left us all AMAZED at how much space we suddenly had! Any of you reading this who have been a part of our *crowded* larger gatherings can rejoice with us! ;) We are so thankful for God's provision and blessing. Here are some pics of the action yesterday....ya'll are all welcome to come see it in person anytime!

Demolition at it's finest

Luke analyzing the situation

someday, this will be finished...

the wall that used to be :)

the dining room viewed from the backyard

dining room entry from the deck-to-be :)

part of the crew. (the haziness of this shot is due entirely to the insulation dust that was floating EVERYWHERE)

Levi, working hard as usual.

Looking inside the first time we used the new felt huge!

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