Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Weekend in Texas

So I'm just getting around to blogging about what we did two weeks ago. I know, yay me! (Quit looking at me like that.) We went to Texas and had a fabulous weekend at the first annual No Greater Joy Big Texas Shindig. Enjoy the snapshots....

Luke on the rock wall

World's largest game of musical chairs :)

Why don't you kick that ball, Jacob?

Jonah showing us how it's done

Levi. The one and only.

Daniel in the sand box. I love the pensive expression....

Heartstrings on stage

Kickball, yeah!

Lana and the guys went canoeing... a first for Lana :) Unfortunately there was no one to man the camera while she was on the water!

Jacob and Jonah

Rock climbing

This was not actually taken in Texas, I just love it to pieces. Is he not beyond preciously handsomely adorable?!


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