Wednesday, March 20, 2013

On Stage…sorta

Well, I had intended to do a post on our recent concert at the SW Mississippi Forestry Awards Banquet, but (as usual when I plan something ahead of time)… due to random unforeseen events, there was no one available to take pictures while we were on stage. So that was awesome. Instead we have shots of set up, sound check, and tearing down….
The usual configuration of one person tuning, other people setting up equipment, and *some people* standing around. Ahem!
Jacob working on sound
“The List'”… it’s like an external memory and typically located on the floor at our feet… hey, whatever works. Smile
Did I just say something about some people standing around?! Winking smile
Yes, we have frequently been told that we closely resemble the Darlings… straight faces, and all that.
This was during the dinner and speeches that followed our music. Thanks for the great food, y’all!
Someday I’m going to write a book about all the random stuff that happens in our diversified family, mostly involving concerts… you know, stuff  like leaving instruments at home, getting halfway through a set before realizing some kid had messed with our sound board and we were majorly hurting the audience’s ears and our reputation, being compared to people like the afore mentioned Darlings, the von Trapps, Loretta Lynn, and Randy Travis, Lana flat ironing her hair in two minutes in a church bathroom on a particularly hectic morning, and people *mistakenly* assuming that two of our older kids were a couple and that our youngest was their child… memories, that’s for sure! Smile
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