Friday, May 24, 2013

Of Cameras and Conferences…

As usual I am way, way, way late with this post. Please forgive me! :) We were blessed to be able to go to Texas a few weeks ago… okay, a month ago, for our annual home school conference. It was FABULOUS. Great fellowship, inspiring speakers, and all the rest.  I  (Lana) hugely enjoyed teaching CI (a fun Bible-based program for kids 4 through 7), and the other siblings had fun attending sessions, working registration, participating in the ALERT Cadet Challenge, and various other conferencey things. :) All this to say, we would love to do a photo post of said conference, but, due to a series of tragic events involving a new camera,  a miscommunication, and et cetera….we don’t have any pictures. I know. We apologize.
 With the exception of these great shots, courtesy of our photographer friend Jon Courville:

(You can see more conference photos here, and even more here.)
Anyway, we were very blessed by our time there as always… if any of you are interested, we would LOVE to see y’all there next year! And yes, I promise to make sure the week gets pictorial documentation next time. At least I’ll try. :) Thanks for reading!



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