Monday, August 12, 2013

It's the simple things...

We are so blessed to live on the same farm Mama (Denise) grew up on... and we love it here! Here are some recent snapshots of the two little boys enjoying an afternoon at the creek. Plastic boats, watermelon, sand and sunshine... what more do you need?!

 Ready, set, launch! (Aren't ships launched? My nautical expertise is lacking...)

 I am in love with this child, in case anyone was wondering. :)

I'm not sure we could make it through the summers down here (102 in the shade, oh yes) without watermelon. Yummy!

Thanks for reading...hope you're inspired to enjoy all the "simple gifts" God gives to all of us! Happy Summer!


  1. Neat pictures!! Yes that does describe a MS summer!! That Seth and Daniel are great kids. And great castle drawers too!!


  2. wow! Looks like fun! Hope y'all are doing ok, and I hope you had a good birthday, Lana!


  3. If they were sailboats then they would have set sail... and if they were coming into port they would have docked...maybe they are being put into the water. :) I guess it's a good thing we live away from vast bodies of water Lana.
    Love ya! See you tomorrow!Hannah