Monday, September 16, 2013

Life lately

Well. Here I am writing from the lovely land of Northwest Arkansas (our second home!) 
And I'm loving it! We'll be on the road for the next 2 weeks, visiting and working with friends here, and doing six concerts in Kansas (along with hanging out with our lovely friends there!)

So here are some pictures... late as usual... from our Labor Day Dove Hunt and celebration. :)
The "Dove Hunt" is an annual institution on my grandparent's place...attended by an assortment of brothers, grandsons, friends, in laws (and the occasional outlaws...okay, kidding) And followed by a breakfast to knock your socks off. I feel sorry for all of you who've never experienced it. :) 

Enjoy the pictures!
(unedited and NOT taken by me. that was a sort of disclaimer, I think..)

We don't have too many shots from out in the field.
Enough to know that it was foggy and beautiful and swelteringly muggy...
Gotta love Mississippi!

We start 'em early around here...

Whilst the men were slaying doves (of which there are plenty left, and which they eat all and waste not, and which are legal game, and about which "poor-innocent-bird" type comments will not be accepted :D) we girls were makin' breakfast. Yes, we used all that butter. Cholesterol? What's cholesterol? ;)

The last word in biscuits! I have never met anyone who makes
biscuit like this... except my Grandmother! I know, I'm so blessed.
If you come visit us we promise to share! :)

Serious girl-talk... probably concerning how many carbs were in those biscuits we
just ate. Guilty pleasures!

Levi is at home in most any situation, as most of you know.
I don't think Nanny has seen this shot of those boots on her chair...

Discussing the hunt!

Despite the paper and pencil there, I am NOT interviewing (or interrogating)
my cousins! I think we were making a list. Or something.

I do apologize for the lack of pictures. Thanks for stopping by... check back (hopefully) soon for pics of our traveling adventures!

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  1. Looks like fun! :) We are traveling right now too. (We are in Tennessee on vacation.) Have fun in Arkansas!!