Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Eternal Hunt

A few years ago our church came up with the idea to host an annual event called "Eternal Hunt"... a one day shebang involving  skeet shooting, rifle range, slingshot competitions, yummy food, etc... all in a setting of Christian fellowship and involving a  challenging/inspiring devotion brought by one of the men. It's been a lot of fun... here are the pictures from this year's event!

Luke, showing us all how it's done.

Jacob, demonstrating "superior slingshot skills".

Dad, keeping score. (Yes, we kept score.
None of us have a problem with being competitive lol!)

Lana, demonstrating "how not to use a slingshot". (No picture of this, but when I
released that thing my hand... of it's own accord...
came up and whacked me in the face. Don't do as I do, y'all.)

Dad, demolishing the target.

Seth, the cutest little Robin Hood ever.

Jonah, the archer

Jacob, demonstrating "superior archery skills"
Luke and Don, collecting arrows

Levi, the wounded, shooting for half score with a crossbow.
(I, lover of justice, was for giving him full score since his hand was lame (even though the
cross bow has all kinds of advantages over the bow) but the guys, lovers of
firece brotherly competition, voted me down. Ahem.)

Dad, the crossbow champion

Uncle Chuck, aka everyone's favorite person
(at least while he's behind that grill!)

Jonah, slingin' skeet for the other shooters

Jonah, taking his turn at skeet shooting

Random people, watching the competition

Luke, running the skeet slinger

Seth, watching the action

Daniel, also watching the action

St. Luke, demonstrating (again) "how to load a shotgun" for Lana
Seth, the sharpshooter
Jonah, calmly shooting and hitting what he intended to
( I know, I don't understand it either)

Lana, shooting the breeze... literally

Thanks for reading! Also a big thank you to all the guys who made everything tick...namely, my dad and four brothers, Uncle Chuck, Derek, Don, Corey, Jody.....y'all did a great job! Hannah, thanks for keeping score on the skeet shooting... I can see I'll have to raise my bribe next year. :)

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  1. I love practicing with the bow. I've never tried a gun or crossbow. I think a gun would be fun to try. the crossbow looks interesting though. I just found your blog, and I really like it. Can't wait for more posts.