Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Before there were blogs...

…there were journals. Lana fell in love with journaling as a twelve year old, and hasn’t stopped since. J She loves having a written record of ten plus years of daily life, adventures, answered prayers, family events, hilarious things the little ones say or do, moves, road trips, new babies….pretty much everything. Recently she and Allie decided to do a fun photo shoot with the journals she’s filled so far… hope ya’ll enjoy!

~ A few of the memorable comments made by Wilson kids, selected from random journals~
 “Pepper!” – Rachel at around age 7, in response to the question, What is your favorite season?
 “Danger ate my toad!” – Seth at age 3, after discovering a pet frog had escaped.
 “And then she turned into the real Nanny.” – Seth at age 4, after being shown a picture of his grandmother in her teens.
 “An ox is a biblical cow.” – Jacob at age 13
 “How come we can’t see the medicine comin’ out of the sun?” – Daniel at age 4, after being told that the sun gave him vitamin D.
 “Get mark, setty ready, GO!” – Seth at age 4, announcing a contest.
 “My neck has a heart attack in it.” – Daniel at age 5
 “Oh, the tummy of an unclouded day.” (Oh, they tell me of an unclouded day) – Jonah and Rachel at ages 8 and 9
"No, fe-mammals lay eggs" - Levi, at around age 7, after being told mammals did not lay eggs.


  1. Aw i love yalls blog! These pix are beautiful. Miss yalls fam and think of you/pray for you often! ~ally schofield

  2. i love your journal pictures!!! lana you are quiet the journalest, you are MUCH more faithful than me!! :)
    allie you did AMAZING, i didn't know that camera could get such good pics!!!! love you both... beka

  3. Wow; another fellow-journaler! I started when I was in my teens, but more regularly at the beginning of 1992. Last year I marked 20 years of it, and am currently on the 66th journal! So that covers the last bit of "teens"(I turned 20 in 1992), my 20s, 30s, and now the beginning of my 40s. Do you write every day? How long, on average, does one journal last? Do you use every bit of the paper that you can and write real small?(I do) Oh, here's one thing I started doing in 1998. I had a set of different colored pens, and I'd use them all, on a rotating basis, for each day.
    Well, this is a lovely blog, and I plan to read the rest of it, and keep checking for updates. God bless you.

    1. Wow.... glad you enjoy journaling too! No, I don't write everyday as a rule, just when I feel like it! (which can be anywhere from twice a month to three times a day)
      Depending on the size of the journal, the size of my writing (no, I don't write small ;)) and other variables, a journal can last me anywhere from three months to a little over a year. I tend to be a little free spirited with the whole thing, so my journals sometimes contain sketches, random doodlings, song lyrics, poetry, etc. I love it!!!!
      - Lana

    2. hey Lana!

      Love the pics!!!! I miss y'all and wanna see ya!!
      ~Sarah Laird

  4. And tell my "brother", Daniel hey for me!!! ;)