Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kansas concerts

We had a great time in Kansas... it was a privilege to sing together at several venues there!

Sound check at Berean Baptist Church. Sweet church family!

In downtown Hutchinson at the monthly "Third Thursday" event. A new experience for us!

The guys at Third Thursday. We played for people on the sidewalk as well as passing out tracts and witnessing with the Miller and Yoder families.

Street musicians! :)

On stage at Word of Life Mennonite Church. They were a great crowd and so hospitable... thanks for all that food, y'all!

Family introductions... oldest to youngest. :)

Wilson and Yoder kids!

Wilson and Miller kids :)

Wilson, Yoder, and Miller kids.... typically crazy!

Cindi, Lana, Janae

Rachel, Allie, Janetta, Janae, Victoria, Lana, Cindi
Seth and Daniel thoroughly enjoyed their role as tract-hander-outers at Third
Thursday! :)

Thanks to Nates' and Matts' for the great food, fun, and fellowship! Ya'll were awesome... can't wait till next time!


  1. Good times. I didn't get tired of listening to you guys!

  2. Hey Wilsons! I hope you guys are having a wonderful time:). Lana, I almost called you last night... call me when you get back will ya? God bless you guys! We miss you very much. Lauren Crowther

  3. hey Lauren! You should've called... I miss you! I'll call when we're home:) Love ya'll!
    Thanks Andrew, we had a blast!