Monday, December 31, 2012

When we all work together...

... It's impressive to see the results. :) We are thrilled to have some great friends of ours visiting with us right now, and grateful for their help with our remodeling project! *Yoders, y'all are awesome* :) Enjoy the photos!

Emptying the room...

Scraping up the old flooring...

Small beginnings :)
 We poured the slab for this room at the beginning of the year, and we've worked on it slowly but surely since then! Finally ready to lay tile!

Jacob sharpening his implement :)

Lots of workers. :)

An attempt to keep concrete dust out of the rest of the house

The new, temporary dining area. Nice, huh?
 An army marches on it's stomach, you know.
Lana managed to consolidate her kitchen essentials (for two days) into these :)

Jonah, workin' hard :)


The Crew



  1. Rebekah has told me about this remodelling!! Wanna see it! :)
    -Sarah Laird

  2. Looks awesome, y'all!!! Looking forward to seeing yall next month! (hopefully/praying!)
    much love,
    the schofields