Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sweet Home Alabama....

Okay, not literally. But we love to visit! Recently we were able to spend the weekend with our friends the Longs.... helping them with a remodeling project and doing a couple concerts on Sunday. We had so much fun.... the Longs were fabulous hosts! 

The guys put up a wall and a set of french doors, 
creating a hallway and making two rooms out of one.

*Some* of us were thrilled with the pet Iguana, and *some* of us avoided him at all costs.
It was pretty much a gender thing....

We are really good at making messes.... but they're usually productive messes!

The new wall is at the far end...

 It's always fun to visit a family that shares our love for books! 
Between all of us I think we read like half their library! :)

This is the Long's home church, where we sang on Sunday morning. I (Lana) 
felt like Laura Ingalls when I walked this not the sweetest little country church EVER?

In concert Sunday night. Excuse our less-than-stellar pictures...

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  1. Where in alabama? I'm in Mobile and would love to meet some like minded families!!