Monday, September 29, 2014

Friends, Family, Firearms, and Fun

After our Yellowstone experience we went to Cody, Wyoming to visit the Buffalo Bill Center Of The West. We had a blast, and it is to be fervently hoped that the museum employees and other visitors survived our visit. If you’re ever in Cody, be sure to stop by….it’s an awesome experience!

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We had a shooting competition at the little rifle range…the boys, I know, will be horrified to know that I don’t remember who won, but at any rate it wasn’t me. Much fun was had by all though! And as you can see, Daniel won “Cutest Marksman Ever” hands down.

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I love the wide range of expressions Jacob is capable of.

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Cheery little headpiece there, yes?


Lundyn and I may or may not have been repeatedly scared by the realistic looking Indian mannequins lurking around every corner. For some reason we have no pictures of them, but believe me, they were unnerving.


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Halfway through our explorations we stopped for a picnic lunch outside, and the guys would play frisbee in spite of the wind…which resulted in some pretty hilarious moves and consequent action shots.



For those of you who know Rachel and I, you know that this shot is pretty much a classic. One minute we were smiling serenely at the camera and the next we had dissolved into this. This is one of a million reasons why I love sisters!

After such a digression from normalcy we all felt free to attempt  the human pyramid, the four man pushup, the stacked plank, and other poses which I’m sure brightened the day of many a passerby. Please enjoy.


After we left I asked everyone in the van to tell me their favorite part of the museum. Here are the verdicts:

Levi: Bighorn sheep skeletons, old Indian bows and arrows

Daniel: the rifle range

Jonah: Plains Indian exhibit

Luke: President John F Kennedy’s Model 70, (that’s some sort of gun, for those like me who are wondering), and  the Smith and Wesson display

Lundyn: WWI guns, pistols

Logan: Sliding down the bannister* and cool guns.

Rachel: The baby of a family we passed, animal videos

Yours truly: cookbooks in the gift shop, Military history displays

Allie: coffee, people watching

Jacob: obstinately refused to choose one favorite.

*There is a story behind this, but since it involves someone sliding into someone and knocking said someone off their feet, I will not divulge the details. :)

A huge THANK YOU to the Smiths for sharing the experience with us….we loved it!!!!!


  1. I love all those boots! haha! Y'all are hilariously fun. And by way of random announcement, I love your denim vest, Lana.

  2. Hey! name is Lizzie Ebersole...I met ya'll at Bontragers church here in IA. I really enjoy following this blog! Keep it up! Looks like you all are having a super fun trip!!! ...I like the cowboy boots also!!(;