Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hello Kansas!

We love this place! Many thanks to the Miller and Yoder families for their incredible hospitality... we don't want to leave. :) Here are some pics of our adventures so far:
The guys were able to help with a construction project at the Miller's ... this is Andrew Miller with Dad

Hard at work 

Daniel and his friend Gabriel

For those who wondered, yes, the guys play basketball nearly everywhere we go :)

Jacob, Preston Yoder, Trevor Yoder and Levi, giving Lana (the photographer) a hard time :)


Lana with Janetta and Victoria Yoder

Victoria and Lana

Late night jam session with friends... oh, yeah. :)

Jacob and a cat. For those of you who know him, the weirdness of this shot is obvious!

Levi's cat pose was more true to life :P

Jonah and Preston


Janetta and Victoria Yoder 

The guys helped the Yoder guys put new shingles on their roof. Here is part of the crew!

"The Cat Brigade"

Gabriel Yoder and Seth


Like father, like son :)

Jacob "contemplating the job at hand"

Daniel lying down on the job :)

Lana throwing... I mean, attempting to throw popsicles to the guys on the roof. Nice.

Some of them actually made it to them!

Jonah :). I love this guy!

Saving some for later, I suppose...

Ah, refreshment! ;)

Allie, Gabriel and Mrs. Yoder watching the action

Break time

Lana and Mrs. Yoder

We'll be here in KS for a couple more days, then head back to Arkansas. We appreciate all your prayers for safe travel! God has blessed and we are loving life on the road. :) Check back soon for pictures of our Kansas concerts!


  1. Those are some good shots, Lana! We look forward to more! Miss you guys!!! Aunt J

  2. Thanks so much for coming to Kansas! It was a blast to have you, please come again! -Janae and Cindi

  3. It was a blast having ya'll here! Thank you so much for coming, hanging out with us, playing music for us and with us, working in the loft, etc,. Hopefully the next time you guys visit, the loft will be done! Maybe. So anyway, blessings on your journey, and may there always be gas in the van, guitars in the trailer, and smiling faces and a warm bouhdah nesht at every destination. :)