Sunday, September 16, 2012

Work and Play

Here are some snapshots of the guys (ours plus a team from ALERT ( working at Eagle Mountain Training Center. Around here, we work hard, we play hard. Read on...

Wilson guys running the chipper

Way to go Jacob!

Mr. Norvell, Luke, and their respective toys:)

Dad, the Supervisor ;)

ALERT guys

Wilson and ALERT guys

play ball, ya'll :)

"one, two, three.... NINJA!"

Daniel was in heaven with all the extra big brothers...rolling a ping pong ball was his favorite "play with me" activity!

Seriously, is Daniel not adorable?!

What can I say? It was the middle of the night, they were tired, this pic was the result. I love it.  


An army marches on it's stomach. We endeavor to keep the stomachs filled!

positively. yummy. parker house rolls.... deliciously full of calories. :)

Let's EAT!

Lana and Mrs. Norvell laughing while they cook... both tend to do a lot of both. :)
As you can see we're having a blast in Arkansas... we'll be heading to Kansas in a few days. Read this blog to follow us there! Many thanks to ALERT Academy for sending such great help... couldn't have done it without ya'll, guys!
Until next time!

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