Monday, February 11, 2013

Family Pictures 2012 :)

Yes, we DID take family pictures before Christmas. No,of course we still haven't sent them out. If you know us, you are not at all surprised. I (Allison) am sharing these with you on behalf of my family...

So here they are... Happy (almost) Valentine's Day, everyone! 

Wilson Family 2012

 On stage in Natchez on picture day

 A few behind the scenes shots....
 The boys monkeying around...
 and the girls getting posed
 Seth, you look a bit uncomfortable, dear.
 not sure what was happening here, but Seth seems to have taken it calmly
 The Boys 

 The Girls

 The Kids
(L to R) Levi, Seth, Rachel, Jacob, Allie, Daniel, Lana, Luke, Jonah

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