Saturday, February 9, 2013

Random snapshots from January

 First off, let me apologize for not posting in *forever*. No, I really have no excuses. Sorry!
Here are some moments captured this past month and a half....

 Playing a *hilarious* game with lots of cousins and friends...

 We got together with extended family to have a "work day" on the farm. Lots of progress!

 We were thrilled to have some great friends of ours, the Bontragers, stop in with us while on tour! We were blessed by their music and the great fellowship!

 This was during the tile laying project... don't we look fabulous?!
 Sadly, (and I'm sure much to the guy's consternation) I (Lana) can't remember which of them killed this dude.... but isn't it impressive anyway? :)
 The whole tile laying crew at the end of the project, *including* the dogs. :)

 I am seriously going to try to post more frequently after this, I promise. Hold me to it, ya'll!!

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