Thursday, July 25, 2013

Early surprises and sweet friends

I (Lana) was thrilled to receive a birthday package in the mail from some awesome friends in Illinoisa whole month early.

Of course I opened it right away. Why do you ask?

So I’m blogging this because I opened the mailing envelope to discover these beauties…

 I mean, who wraps gifts in little hand sewn tissue paper packages? My talented friends, apparently. Are these not adorable?! For the record, I am a serious forget-about-the-paper-and-open-the-gift-already type of person, but I made exception for these. I was like, I can’t open these! I should display them, for crying out loud. Where’s the camera?

                                                 The gifts were fabulous too…

Thank you Lauren, Rachel, and Abigail… y’all are awesome! I love and miss y’all like crazy!