Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Gruesome Details (WARNING: Contains Painful Images!)

Levi was *slightly* indignant when he heard that Lana had omitted the REAL pictures from Monday's incident. So, for those of you who can handle it, here they are! 

On the way to the ER... 

Happy, Happy, Happy!
(We are not exactly sure why he's smiling....???)

 This was taken while the nail was still in his hand. The head is under the skin. {OUCH.} Levi said this wouldn't make for a very good blood trail. Yeah.

And, 6 hours after entering the ER, a very medicated Levi is glad to have the nail OUT! 

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  1. Wow... Glad Levi can still smile with all that going on. Let's just say that I would NOT be smiling if I had a nail poking through my hand! :)