Wednesday, September 25, 2013

(This post was not written by my own volition.)

Hello, this is Lana speaking. On the last morning of our stay in Kansas, a certain brother of mine (incriminating photo at the end of this post) walked out the door and discovered 
the following:

Whereupon said brother immediately obtained (my) camera and took pictures.

Which you may look at if you are so inclined.

If you are not so inclined, (like me) why are you reading this?

If you are asking, Why are YOU posting this?... it's because the brother in question particularly wanted me to.

And since, (when he's not messing around with one of the most venomous snakes in North America*), he's a really nice brother, I didn't want to say no.

But be it known, I hate snakes.I'm not a theologian, but in my opinion, when God places a curse on something we would all do well to stay FAR AWAY from said thing.

Far away.
Much farther than this:

And definitely farther than this.

But, *some people* don't share the opinion.
Like him. 

And yes, the snake was killed after the photo shoot was over.
(Or so I am informed. I was not around, being of the opinion expressed earlier.)

To everyone who shares my opinion, I apologize for this post.
To everyone who shares his, What's wrong with you?

Just kidding. Hopefully all the snake-aficionados have enjoyed the pictures.

*At least, that's what I was told. I didn't bother to check the facts, mainly because I don't enjoy Googling tantalizing photographs of snakes. Never mind that I'm blogging them.


  1. hilarious! You are such a writer, Lana. I'm signing up for the first autographed copy of the New York Times Bestseller by Lana Wilson when it comes out.:)

    1. A writer, you say? Hmmm... I guess it takes one to know one! I *love* reading your blog posts (and emails!) as well! Not to mention Chelsy's! Lol, we should write a book together! :)
      BTW, Can't wait to see you in a couple months!!!!

  2. Apparently, snakes are a guy thing, at least around our house. The other day, Daddy had BJ holding some little (non-poisonous) snake. All of us girls were kinda of the opinion that that negated everything we had ever told the child about running away from snakes, but hey, I guess Daddy knew what he was doing... I was just glad I wasn't there to see it... yuck!

    ~Rachel Laird