Saturday, September 21, 2013

Work, Play, and Mishaps

Here are some random shots from our stay with the Duggars earlier this week.
From basketball to bunk bed construction to ER visits...we did it all and had a fabulous time! :)

Not sure what's with the expression there...

The little ones had a blast playing with other little ones as usual!

Snacks for the work crew....

...Who were working really hard as you can see. ;)

A little R&R

Joy and Lana makin' spaghetti. Excuse my *random* facial expression...

So... I mentioned an ER visit earlier. Whilst the guys were working on bunk beds
in the new guest house, the person pictured here managed to shoot himself through the hand-
as in, all the way THROUGH the hand- with a nail gun. Thankfully the pictures taken by sympathetic (?)
bystanders are all on cellphones and I (Lana) have not the time or expertise to put them on the laptop, so ya'll
are spared the gruesome details. Thanks to all of you whom we asked to pray...we are so thankful God
protected him and there is NO nerve damage, and the Dr says the wound and broken bones will heal just fine.
(For the record, he's hoping for a nice scar.)

The bunk beds in progress... 

Levi has always been our perpetually cheerful one...
he's smiling his way through a month or two of life one-handed!
Playing basketball and everything...pretty impressive if you ask me!
Many thanks to the Duggar family for their trademark hospitality... we love y'all so much and are so thankful for your friendship!

We are now in Kansas and thoroughly enjoying our time here... I'll be posting lots of pics from here soon! Thanks for reading, and please keep us in your prayers. :)

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  1. I didn't know that the Duggars were building a guest house maybe they'll show it in this upcoming season. That's great now their guest will have somewhere to stay.