Monday, September 15, 2014

Sunday Afternoon

Yesterday we had the privilege of riding 4 wheelers with our friends the Smiths and some awesome locals (who graciously provided most of the bikes...thank y'all so much!) It was epic, especially for us lowlanders who don't do a lot of stuff in "real mountains". Photo creds to Luke, Jacob, and Logan...please enjoy!

L to R: Lundyn, Rachel, Jacob, Seth, Logan, Levi, Lana, Luke
Heading out!

L to R: Rachel, Jacob, Jonah, Daddy, Seth, Lana, Luke, Levi

Came upon these people traversing the mountain trails on horseback...
I was only *slightly* jealous. How sweet is that?!

Luke and I found this unhappy person on the river bank...bless his heart!


So much fun!


  1. Yeah, I'm only *slightly* jealous... ;) What fun!!!

  2. loved catching up on the awesome posts, Lana dear!!! You're such a fabulous writer, especially with your "descriptions". I really like them.:)