Saturday, September 27, 2014

Yellowstone National Park

During our stay in Wyoming we had the incredible experience of spending two days in Yellowstone with four of the best tour guides on record (shoutout to the Smiths!!!) It was so much fun, so beautiful, so enormous, so.very.different. from anything here in South Mississippi. God’s artistic abilities are pretty advanced, you know? Okay so that was an understatement. I’ve got a lot of pictures for this post, so if it’s alright with y’all, we’ll let them do the talking themselves unless I just feel compelled to say something somewhere. (It HAS happened once or twice.)



These guys on the posts…what can I say? Allie says in the pic they look like figure skaters, but any of you who know them in real life would say that’s one incredible coincidence. Levi and Logan, bless their hearts! :)


Okay, confession. For some reason I had it in my head that Old Faithful was more weird than beautiful, if that makes any sense? Probably not. I thought, “hot water shooting out of the ground, that’s wild, I hope we don’t get singed, how does it DO that?” This was before I saw it. WHEN I saw it, I thought, “OH MY WORD THIS IS AMAZING AND GOD HOW DID YOU THINK OF THIS AND HOW CAN WATER BE SO BEAUTIFUL AND WHY HAVE I NEVER SEEN THIS BEFORE????” (with apologies to the staid Baptists of my ancestry.) The pictures so, so, so do not do it justice….but I didn’t see any way to click and drag the real thing here so you’ll have to go see it for yourself sometime. (Random side note: when you do, try to find a spot next to a charming family from England, WITH BRITISH ACCENTS, like I did. It’s like a two for one special. “Oh look, mum!” MUM! I was so living it up that day.)






I take no responsibility for the poses of anyone in this photo by the river. I think they were skipping rocks, but whatever.



Am I the only person who thinks Jacob could go really, really far with this wildlife photography thing? Could just be a big sister bias, but I don’t think so.



It was oh-so-adorable to watch Daniel’s enjoyment of “Lellastone”. I’m in love with this child.



This elk is too smart for her own good. This was in Mammoth Hot Springs (we didn’t see any mammoths. I was disappointed but a little relieved.) and there was a literal herd of elk hanging out on the town square. Apparently this one was not in the mood for socializing. I could make a correlation here regarding certain siblings before their morning coffee, but I won’t.




Jacob and Logan took turns carrying His Majesty Daniel I up this mountain we had climbed down to see the river. As Jake neared  the halfway spot, pouring sweat, Daniel  drumming his legs against his chest, I said, “Daniel, you look like you’re enjoying yourself…isn’t that nice of Jake to carry you all the way up here?” To which he replied piteously, “I’m tired too!”


So there you have it. This post does not in anyway fully capture the incredibleness that is YSNP, nor does it include the hours of quality time in the van, in which there was much singing and laughter and debates and photo bombing and games and jokes and general noisemaking. The Jeep party, comprised of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Seth and Allie, I’m sure was a much calmer experience. Our party was comprised of a seven year old, six teenagers, Luke, and a certain person who gets carsick and has major ADHD when confined to a vehicle (sorry y’all), and of course my sainted parents. Bless their hearts!

Photo credits: Jacob, Luke, Rachel, Lundyn, Logan.

Scenery credits: God.

Disclaimer: Any satirical comments in this post are purely hereditary and used in the utmost good humor.

Disclaimer 2: I apologize for the mixed up quality of the photos. My blogger thing is not working right and I’m not smart enough to make it do what I want.

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